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Private label sales soaring!

The perpetually struggling state of the economy continues to be good news for those involved in private label products, which are made and then sold to stores that sell them, as an affordable alternative to name brand products, under the store’s own brand. The Private Label Manufactures Association reported in its 2011 yearbook that sales of store-brand products increased by almost two percent in 2010 to a robust $88.5 million.

Allen Field prides itself on working with both the companies that make these products and the stores that sell them to come up with private label packaging and design that will help the items fly off the shelves! Our Logo Series Handles, which include heavy duty handles as well as elliptical handles that come in a variety of sizes, are particularly popular with our clients.

We are eager to assist you with all your packaging design needs and to provide you an attractive and cost-effective way to display the products you sell. To learn more about Allen Field, contact us here!






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