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Why Sustainability is a Critical Success Factor for Packaging

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Design Packaging with Sustainability in Mind

Sustainability – that is, making things in a way that doesn’t harm the environment – has emerged as a formidable force, shaping consumer choices and business practices. As packaging professionals, embracing sustainability not only delights your customers but also elevates your brand’s reputation, cultivating loyalty and setting your products apart in crowded and competitive markets. Are you curious about what eco-friendly solutions you can adopt to align with your sustainable development goals?

Here are some ideas:

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1. Make Mindful Material Choices

Deliberate decisions in the realm of sustainability are crucial. Choose responsibly sourced materials and explore other eco-friendly options like recycled plastics or paper-based alternatives. For instance, our plastic materials all contain an organic additive that enhances biodegradation in biologically active landfills. Find more information here.

2. Design for Waste Reduction

‘Over-packaging’ is a prevalent concern for packaging designers. It results in excessive waste and elevated costs. Simplifying packaging is a sustainable strategy that diminishes your carbon footprint – and reduces costs. Through investment in modern packaging components, you can reduce unnecessary materials while upholding packaging integrity – a real win-win.

3. Embrace Reusable and Recyclable Packaging

Recycled packaging ,craft packages for packaging goods from online stores, eco friendly packaging made of recyclable raw materials, green arrow recycling symbolCraft packaging with reusability in mind and inspire responsible disposal by adorning your packaging with recycling symbols. It’s worth highlighting that all our products incorporate recycled materials, with some even made entirely from 100% recycled sources. Our finished goods are not only reusable but also curbside recyclable, clearly marked with appropriate symbols. Remarkably, about 90% of corrugated boxes are successfully recycled—a significant portion of our operations revolves around corrugated packaging.

4. Streamline Packaging and Shipping Process

Boosting efficiency by cutting down unnecessary steps, time, and resources is a crucial contributor to creating sustainability. Wondering how to accomplish this? Develop packaging solutions that are simple to assemble, saving time and labor during packing. Employing efficient packaging components that reduce wasted space can result in a more streamlined and cost-effective shipping process, as well.

The journey towards sustainability is a collective effort, requiring commitment and innovation from every player in the industry. At Allen Field, providing green-friendly solutions is our priority.

Allen Field’s line of Plastic Handles and Box Connecting Clips exemplifies our dedication to recyclability, encouraging reusable packaging, and driving the industry towards a greener, cleaner, and more sustainability-conscious future.

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