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July / August 2023

Allen Field's Simply Brilliant Plastic Handles & Case Locks

Allen Field's Simply Brilliant Plastic Handles & Case Locks come in a wide variety of styles and choices, ensuring your unique packaging needs and met and exceeded.

July/August 2023

In the Spotlight

Plastic Handles & Case Locks

When it comes to packaging design for valuable samples, portfolios, and luxury products, two factors stand out as crucial: appearance and functionality. Well-chosen packaging components can make all the difference, ensuring the security of your products, making your case easily recognizable, and leaving a lasting positive impression on your users. 

At Allen Field, we take pride in offering a wide array of thoughtfully designed Plastic Handles & Case Locks that not only guarantee convenience for your customers when carrying their prized items but also make opening and closing a breeze. Our plastic carrying and securing solutions boast the perfect blend of style, functionality, and reusability, making them the ideal choice for showcasing your products while providing an enhanced user experience. But that’s not all; other fantastic benefits include:

  • Securing your product during transit and storage
  • Allowing packages and cases to be reused again and again, reducing production costs
  • Simplifying the assembly process and saving time
  • Promoting your brand with custom colors and logos
  • Aligning with your sustainability goals by utilizing eco-friendly materials

Choose Allen Field, and let your packaging speak volumes about your commitment to excellence.

Did You Know

Corra-Screws are Available in 26mm and 13mm

Discover the versatility of Allen Field’s Corra-Screws, available in two lengths! The longer screw boasts a 26mm threaded length, while the shorter one measures 13mm, both providing secure fastening for multiple layers of corrugated panels, catering to various flute sizes.

With our Corra-Screws, you can enjoy hassle-free installation and removal, eliminating the need for pre-cut dies on the corrugated boards. Simply use your hands or a screwdriver to install them effortlessly. Made from 100% recycled material, the Corra-Screw is also an eco-friendly option that supports your sustainability efforts. 

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