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Simplistic Packaging: Find out why Less is More in Packaging Design

In recent years, “Less is more” has become the mantra throughout the packaging industry. This packaging design practice comes from making it easy for customers to open product packaging, and provide a more eco-friendly approach to the packaging industry.

Of course, there will always be products that require more elaborate packaging design. Brand managers should keep in mind that effective package design relies on too many variables. It is more prudent to accept the concept of simplistic packaging as a guideline and not as a rule.

First, brand managers should determine what goals the package design is expected to achieve. If simplistic packaging achieves those goals, then that should be the implemented packaging design. This concept in the packaging industry makes for simplified decision-making, but it does not make decision-making simple. There is always more to consider in packaging design.

When you apply a “less is more” theory to packaging design, the answer differs, depending on whether the project is a new product launch, redesign, or product-line extension. Each project imposes its own starting point for comparison; for example, with a product launch there is no already-in-use design to compare and alter while designing the package. It does not matter the type of project, there should be comparisons to the competition, starting within the product category and extending to packaging practicality.

The overall effect of packaging design is achieved through the interactions among the design elements, such as colors, images, copy, and fonts. This leaves packaging designers with the decision of having to select which aspect to redesign in order to obtain simplistic packaging. This can be a bit of a challenge, but the packaging design team at Allen Field Inc. is highly skilled in innovative packaging design. For more information about simplistic packaging design, please contact us at 877-959-3591.


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