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Allen Field has been a leader in the Packaging Industry for over 60 years. Our original line of plastic sock hangers and small plastic retail hangers quickly transitioned into a full line of POP display aids and plastic handles for corrugated boxes.

As time went on, our success with plastic box handles, small plastic hangers, and display aids within the packaging industry soon led to our line of connecting clips, also known as box clips, for corrugated boxes. All Allen Field Packaging items, such as plastic handles for boxes, sock hangers and shoe hangers, are manufactured to bring high quality and low cost together.

Plastic Handles for Boxes: Our plastic box handles are designed to enhance the look and performance of your existing packaging and transportation solutions, and to ultimately help you improve your bottom line. We offer a large selection of high-quality stock plastic handles, and also custom-design and manufacture plastic handles in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Our plastic box handles can be personalized with your company logo as well. Allen Field plastic handles work well on corrugated boxes, plastic cases, and many other applications in various industries. Call or e-mail us for a free sample handle kit.

POP Display Aids and Small Plastic Hangers: Allen Field offers a large selection of POP display aids and small plastic hangers to display your products in-store. From sock and hosiery hangers, to plastic hooks, clips, and rings, we carry everything you need to display your items for retail. To boost your brand and coordinate with your packaging, custom colors and sizes are available for an additional cost.

Connecting Clips/ Box Clips: Allen Field Connecting Clips provide ideal solutions to many packaging and shipping issues. Box Clips offer easy installation, speed up the packaging process, prolong the use of corrugated boxes, eliminate box damage and harm to employees from box cutters, and allow easy removal of the products being shipped. Depending on the clip you choose, there are various applications. If you have specific requirements for your clips, Allen Field is happy to work with you to create a solution.

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