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Allen Field’s Slide Hooks Grab Attention and Drive Sales

A product—no matter how good it is—can’t always sell itself. When a customer walks into a store, your product must capture their attention. At Allen Field, we understand that retailers need a solution that is cost-effective, reliable, and striking. Over the years, Allen Field has designed and developed a variety of POP Display solutions to meet every business objective.

Allen Field’s POP Display Aid selection is unparalleled. In terms of in-store displays, sometimes simplicity really is the best option. Our slide hook series offers the perfect balance of minimalism and modernity – exactly what draws in customers in today’s market.

The 30750 Header Slide Hook measures 1.69″ x 1.11″ and is great for hanging men and women’s socks, tights, and hosiery, among other things. Its slim arm allows it to easily slide in and out of corrugated or plastic display while keeping the package visible and aloft.

The 30702 Slide on Header Hook is new to our Hook Hangers line of POP display aids, offering a new way to quickly secure a hook to a header card. In addition to being easy to fasten, this hook supports up to 5 lbs. Once fastened, it is virtually impossible for the hook to separate from the header card.

Looking for something more environmentally conscious? Our 30735 Euro Pac-Hook is made of 100% recycled materials! The Euro will display your product securely and professionally while also making the package aesthetically appealing to better grab the attention of potential customers. Now, this item is available in multiple colors. Pick a color or send us your custom request to complement your branding strategy.

We are excited to assist you with all your packaging needs. To learn more about how Allen Field products can add value to your packaging and displays, contact us!

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