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Allen Field is the One-Stop Shop for all POP Display Components

Corrugated point-of-purchase (POP) displays may be the most effective way to make your product stand out in traditional stores. They are compact, easily assembled, and recyclable. To differentiate your product from the droves of consumables on the shelf, you want a POP display that is eye catching, economical, and sustainable! Allen Field offers the most comprehensive collection of POP display accessories!

Allen Field’s Trundler© system turns any stationary POP display into a mobile and re-usable display. The system is composed of the Trundler© wheel  and foot. The wheel enables the display to move easily throughout a store and the foot keeps your display in its desired location. Additionally, utilizing this system takes your display off the floor and eliminates wear and tear, appreciably extending the life of your display.

Not all POP displays are created equal. Nothing turns off consumers more than a messy display. Allen Field’s Rotary Display Arm will neatly display your products, making the shopping experience simple and clear for consumers. The Rotary Display Arm comes in two lengths, 8 and 10-inches, to ensure it fits your exact display specifications. Those lengths don’t work for you? Allen Field would be happy to customize the Display Arm.

Lastly, you need a dependable hook to hang your merchandise on the Display Arm! Allen Field offers a wide range of display hooks and hangers, which hold anything from socks, scarves, small consumer electronics, and much more! Be sure to check out the Display-It hook or our new Slide On Header Hook.

For over 70 years, Allen Field has been helping customers hang their merchandise with innovative and functional POP display aids. Our POP accessories are made of only the highest quality plastics! If your product requires a small tweak to the existing component or a completely new design, contact us today to utilize our experience and expertise. Our custom capabilities deliver products that work better, cost less, and sell more; ultimately, optimizing value!


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