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Color and Packaging Design: The Game Changer for the Packaging Industry

When it comes to package design, color may be one of the most influential factors that grip people’s attention and get customers to buy. Studies show that when consumers shop, they make choices in as little as 20 seconds. Therefore, this is a clear indicator that people buy what catches their eyes. In relation to packaging design, the selection of color and finish in design becomes much more important than one initially thought.

Many brands are instantly recognized because of their signature colors. When a brand “owns” a strong color, it should be carried into its packaging design. Besides signature colors on the boxes, unique packaging components such as handles, hooks, hangers or logos are also ways to identify a specific level of recognition for consumers.

A few packaging industry tips when choosing colors in a deliberate manner for packaging design:

• Many natural and organic products end up packaged in unbleached paperboard with plenty of green and rich earth tones.

• Black, gold or silver are used alone or in combination for luxury brands.

• High tech products are often deliberately packaged in minimalist black.

• Simple, clean products with fewer ingredients tend to be packaged in white.

• Kids’ toys are packaged in bright primary colors: yellows, blues and reds. Girls’ toys are in a range of pinks.

• Lavenders are often used for women’s and new age products that evoke spiritualism.

• Bright colors used with black evoke sophistication and edgy brands.

In well-executed packaging design, it is this very strategy that prompts the “buy” response from consumers. The packaging industry offers brand owners custom colors and logo imprinting options to accommodate their branding needs. Talk to your Allen Field Sale Rep about your specific requirements in color selection and logo imprinting. All you have to do is providing us with your color chip/swatch for the ultimate package design. See how our impressive package design can take your product sales to the next level.


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