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Sourcing of Packaging and its Importance on Your Product

One of the most important decisions for manufacturers is their sourcing of packaging.  Believe it or not, the packaging industry greatly influences the products in which consumers buy. Whether your sourcing of packaging is buying handles, closures, or connecting clips to assembling components, the packaging industry may greatly affect the success of your product. Usually options are available for manufacturers that want to manage the purchasing / sourcing with their packaging industry suppliers. Here are four tips to take into account when sourcing your own packaging.

•             The brand owners or manufactures purchase the packaging components from the supplier and take care of the assembly in their own factories.

•             The brand owners or manufactures provide specifications of the needed products, and the suppliers are responsible for sourcing and assembling.

•             The brand owners or manufacturers prepare specifications for desired packaging products and the suppliers are responsible for custom-designing and manufacturing the parts and taking care of assembling and shipping.

•             In addition to managing sourcing, developing and assembling, the suppliers provide the 3PL services that take care of domestic and/or international logistics.

If sourcing of packaging is your goal for your products, Allen Field Co., Inc. is your best solution. Through Allen Field’s constituent market, product sourcing knowledge and established business relationships, provides you with a wealth of experienced product sourcing specialists. Our packaging industry professionals are able to engage in high-quality packaging sourcing that will exceed your expectations. Learn more about the benefits that await you, when select Allen Field’s package sourcing services. For more information, visit our website today.

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