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Packaging for Holiday Shipments is About to Drastically Increase the Retail & Packaging Industry’s Profit Margins

The retail industry’s ship is coming in – literally. Thousands of ships carrying millions of containers of great consumer holiday buys will be arriving soon to retailers across the country. Although this is a great opportunity for retailers, let us not forget the profit margin increase the packaging industry will experience as well.

This time of year, U.S. ports rush to unload the goodies that will be under trees or menorahs in December. In fact according to a report by the National Retail Federation and Hackett Associates, October’s shipments are also about to reach record highs. They expect volume will have risen 6.4% this month compared with a year earlier.

So, what does all of this mean exactly for the packaging industry? This puts a strong emphasis on packaging design to ensure the integrity of the product. Packaging for holiday shipments is no small task. The packaging industry has to not only produce appropriate packaging for products, but given the season and its demand, they must produce mass amounts of quality packaging as well.

American consumers are expected to spend big this holiday season. There is nothing small about the holiday sales when it comes to display supplies or packaging design for shipping reliability. Allen Field is here to help you make this year’s holiday season worth celebrating! Its small plastic hangers and POP display aids are sold to countless textile/apparel companies and wholesale/retail stores.  For a hassle-free holiday season, visit our website for preparing packaging for holiday shipments or retail holiday displays.


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