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Global Corrugated Packaging Expected to Surpass Success of Other Paper-Based Packaging Materials

Parts of the paper-based packaging market will soon take a back seat to corrugated packaging materials, indicating the global corrugated packaging market is on the rise. Corrugated boxes have become more and more popular for shipping fresh food products, since they aim to keep products fresh for longer periods of time and minimize the possibility of damage during transportation. These new findings about the global corrugated packaging industry were reported in Commodity Inside’s new outlook report through 2021.

Online retailing’s food and beverage sectors support these findings. These sectors are the largest consumers of corrugated packaging, which has been replacing the method of fresh foods being shipped in wooden/plastic crates and jute bags. In developing and emerging markets, corrugated packaging will see growth in new categories.

While Amazon has already started shipping fresh foods and perishable products to customers of local shops in the U.S. by way of corrugated boxes, Morrisons, which is Britain’s fourth largest supermarket, is paving the way for the corrugated packaging market in the UK. The supermarket chain has formed an unprecedented partnership with Amazon to ship fresh food and frozen products to customers in the UK using corrugated packaging.

“In the non-food sector, some end-use sectors will see renewed growth due to changing market dynamics and consumer behavior while other will face decelerations in demand growth. Brand owners and suppliers are set to change their strategies to capture market share which should directly impact corrugated packaging companies,” states the report.

Paper-based packaging has been an essential part of the U.S. economy since its inception. Now the global corrugated packaging market will start to make a name for itself as it starts to outperform other types of paper packaging in years to come.

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