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3-D Printing is Changing the Way We See Packaging Design

Allen Field Inc. has continued to make big strides in the packaging industry. Thanks to their innovative packaging experts, here is one more reason why Allen Field continues to be seen as an industry leader. The company’s packaging designers have found ground-breaking ways to take 3-D printing and instant molding to the next level. Since Allen Field Inc. has taken the packaging industry by storm with their 3-D printing capability, no one in the industry can seem to stop talking about their successes. Here we will discuss 3-D printing and what Allen Field’s packaging designers have to say about their latest contributions to the industry.

Packaging designers had always sent Allen Field’s 3D files out to be produced by third party printers, until about two years ago when the company purchased their first machine. It gave packaging designers so much freedom to experiment with 3-D printing ideas and how they may benefit packaging. Since then, Allen Field Inc. has purchased a second machine, the momentum for growth and expansion of packaging design capabilities are endless.

Thanks to 3-D printing, Allen Field can offer quick turnaround on concepts to clients and the ability to “test” part of the packaging before going into production. Because of the material used, there is only about 10% of projects that the 3-D printing technology cannot be used on, and some larger packaging components need to be produced in sections. For the most part, the technology that 3-D printing provides allows us reach a completely new level in the packaging industry.

Allen Field Inc. believes that their 3-D printing capabilities will continue to grow well into 2015, as they expect to add two more 3-D printing machines. Overall, 3-D printing expands the possibilities for clients and the way consumers experience products. Click here to learn more about Allen Field’s Custom Design Services.

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