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Frustration-Free Packaging, Here’s What & Why

In today’s e-Commerce world, packaging must grab consumers’ attention, as well as meeting sustainability goals. With the consumer and environment in mind, Amazon has mandated that all its vendors that ship items larger than 18” x 14” x 8”, or heavier than 20 lbs., use certified Frustration-Free Packaging, beginning August 1, 2019.

What does FFP mean to buyers and sellers? Generally, FFP means that products are shipped in packages that are made of 100% recyclable materials, easy to open, and designed to protect their products without an additional shipping carton. The FFP program will appeal to customers while benefiting sellers in the following aspects:

Lower Cost & Lower Price

FFP lowers the seller’s total cost by reducing packaging materials, labor, waste, and transportation across the entire supply chain. Thus, enabling the seller to pass on these cost savings to the consumer.

Less Time & Less Struggle

On average, a traditional package takes up to 11 minutes to open and requires scissors, blades, or teeth. However, a frustration-free package takes less than 50 seconds and requires no additional tools, minimizing the time it takes for the consumer to get their hands on their purchase. FFP’s easy-to-open design also helps manufacturers save time during assembly, which often requires repeated opening and closing of containers as they move from one workstation to another.

More Protection & More Satisfaction

Certified FFP must pass a series of lab tests to prove its superior functionality, whereas regular packaging doesn’t have to undergo any standard testing. The more protective packaging ensures the products arrive intact and undamaged. The seller can rest assured that the buyer is satisfied with their purchase, decreasing returns due to product/packaging damage.

At Allen Field, we provide customer-centric packaging solutions to meet our clients’ most significant challenges and opportunities. Many companies have utilized Allen Field products to meet their high packaging standards. As the industry progresses, so does Allen Field. We are ready to supply you with FFP packaging components. Our Connecting Clips are designed to make access and removal of the box contents easier and faster, reducing the waste of packaging material and eliminating the need for strapping, staples, and sharp tools that cause damage to the package and products inside. Utilizing durable materials and bio-degradable additives, we design every part to be reliable and efficient thought out its life cycle. We look forward to working with you to develop new FFP solutions and further extend our product offerings to meet the new demands related to e-Commerce shipping!

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