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Get Style & Strength with the PP606 Hand Hole Protector

Transporting your product to retail or directly to a consumer poses many challenges. In stores, how your product appears on the shelf can make or break the consumer’s purchase decision. When a consumer sees your torn, bent, ripped, or crushed package, they anticipate damaged contents and abandon your product in favor of an intact competitor’s! Not only do you lose the sale but might also have to pay to repackage the product in a new carton. In the realm of e-commerce, carriers like FedEx and UPS have improved their transit times to better serve consumers, but sometimes that expediency comes at the price of package appearance. Consumers are vigilant in calling out products on social media that are received in torn, bent, ripped, or crushed packaging.

A major household appliance manufacturer approached Allen Field, seeking a solution that would improve the in-store appearance as well as the shipping outcome. Allen Field delivered the PP606, an Open Hand Hole Protector, designed to support the conveyance of heavy corrugated boxes. For the manufacturer, the flange corner, a new feature, provides simple and swift installation or removal, as well as protection to the hand hole die-cut, ultimately prolonging the life of the box. As a consumer, the PP606 protects the carrier’s hands from the sharp edges of the corrugated, creating a comfortable and easy to carry product!

Armed with our solution, this manufacturer saw a significant decrease in the rate of their products being returned for repackaging, saving them time and money! If you are experiencing this or similar challenges with large or heavy corrugated packaging, check out our entire line of Hand Hole Protectors. To learn more about Allen Field and how we can meet your design and packaging needs, contact us today!

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