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History of the Elliptical

This month, the blog is pressing rewind and taking you back to when we launched the revolutionary Elliptical Handle Series. The Allen Field Company first entered the handle business when it began selling the instantly successful Standard and Heavy-Duty Handle Series. Nevertheless, there was something missing in these two handle styles. Time and time again, our customers asked us for a handle option that was strong and reliable but didn’t compromise aesthetics. Simply put, they demanded style and strength.

The concept for the Elliptical came about after contemplating the success of our Standard Series. One of the best features of the Standard Series is the manner in which the handle fits comfortably in the user’s palm, no matter the length of the handle or the weight of the box. However, the harsher angles of the Standard and, especially, Heavy-Duty line, leave a box looking more utilitarian rather than sleek or stylish.

Enter the Elliptical’s ideal curvature and polished finish. The horizontal detailing in the handle’s grip visually elongate the handle, creating a more modern look overall. Since the Elliptical Series was brought to market in 2006, it has been the choice handle for consumer electronics, wine-in-a-box, bedding, small to medium kitchen appliances, salesmen kits, and toys. With 9 different lengths available and a carrying capacity as high as 100 pounds, you can rest assured that the Elliptical Handle will meet your exact project specifications.

The Elliptical Handle is easily customized. Add your logo for branding or ask about custom color options, including matte and metallic options.




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