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A Year in Review

2017 was an exciting year at Allen Field! Numerous new products were unveiled and we customized more solutions than ever before. This season is perfect for reflecting on all we have accomplished together in 2017 and we are excited to recap the new products that were launched this year! A special Thank You to all our customers who helped these products come to market and succeed. We look forward to all of the innovations the New Year may bring our way!

Hang Eze 300 Hook – Featured Product of the Month

The Hang Eze 300 is the latest addition to the Hang Eze family, which already includes the Hang Eze 200 and Hang Eze 500. As the name suggests, the 300 hook’s measurements fall between the 200 and 500 coming in at .84” wide and 2.19” in height. The 300’s wider and longer hook enables it to hang securely, not only on round display rods but also on rectangular display rods.


Box connecting clips can be difficult to install in thin corrugated board since the walls tend to flex, making it difficult to close and lock the clip in place. To address this common challenge, Allen Field developed the HP403 – our first connecting clip with a fixed paddle, specifically designed for single-wall corrugated boxes. It features an interlock mechanism and extended stationary leg, which provide additional support and ensure quick installation. Allen Field is continuously updating our product lines to provide the best packaging components for our customers. Don’t hesitate to let us solve your packaging challenges today!

Hi-line Flex Handle

When you’re looking to communicate value through your packaging you don’t want just any handle, you want the Hi-Line Flex. The newest member of the T series, the Hi-Line Flex boasts an intuitive design along with reinforced material where it matters the most. The Hi-Line Flex features a sleek matte finish and carries up to 65lbs.

4” Rotary Hook

This retail display hook is designed for hanging products on a corrugated display. Featuring a rotary locking mechanism and 4” long arm, this display aid securely holds products and saves shelf space in a retail setting. Installation is quick and easy, simply insert through the correct die cut and lock into place. This item is also available in 7″ and 10″.

Arc Clip

The Arc Clip is a protective hand hole designed for corrugated boxes whose contents require a dust-resistant environment. Featuring an inner panel that seals the contents, the clip can be quickly installed with an oval die-cut providing excellent resistance to dirt and dust.  This clip has been redesigned with a larger hand hole for added comfort. The Arc Clip is ideal for packaging electronic, medical, and similar goods requiring an increased level of protection.

Low Profile Hanger Tab

The Low Profile Hanger Tab is the newest addition to our specialty POP display accessory line. Measuring only .77 inches in height, this hanger tab secures your product to a display without distracting the shopper from the featured product. This hanger tab can be installed from the inside of the box or by sliding in each end. With no adhesive required, the Low Profile Hanger Tab will securely hold up to 5 lbs.

Slide-on Header Hook

Our Slide On Header Hook offers a new way to quickly secure a hook to a header card. Simply slide the header hook into the die cut, once “locked” it is virtually impossible for the hook to separate from the header card. In addition to its easy installation, this display hook for retail securely supports up to 5 lbs.

Coming soon: EZ Grip Handle & PP800 Box Connecting Clip

Poly strapping is a great accessory for corrugated cartons but it is certainly not comfortable to carry from. Introducing the EZ Grip Handle for poly strapping. Simply slide the strapping into the track and comfortably carry your package out of the store! The EZ Grip Handle accommodates strapping up to .5″ thick.

Do you use an existing Allen Field product but require a custom tweak to make it fit your project perfectly? Meet the PP800. More and more projects call for a hand hole that offers additional protection for the contents of a package. Allen Field offers the ideal solution, the PP800. Based on the concept of our dependable Ellipse Hand Hole Protectors, the PP800 goes one step further by adding a lightweight dust cover to the mix. The dust cover comes attached to one half of the PP800, making installation seamless and delivering protection from dust, dirt, and moisture. Ideal for packages containing electronics, medical devices, and similar goods requiring an increased level of protection.


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