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How to price & select packaging

When it comes to packaging design, the first question on the minds of every manufacturer is “How much will it cost?” And the second one is “How do I know which packaging is right for me?”

With these questions in mind, Allen Field has come up with a guide that evaluates the factors involved in the cost and selection of packaging design.

1.) Size: Generally speaking, it is less expensive to design package for smaller products. There’s less of everything required with a product that is small in size! So the larger your product, the bigger the packaging design budget.

2.) Quantity. Are you looking for packaging for a prototype item that you are bringing to a partner or a buyer? Or are you already at the stage where you are ready to introduce your product to the public at large? Smaller prototype packaging often costs more than a mass quantity of 1,000 or more that is headed straight to the shelves. Understand that packaging design needs to be a part of your budget from the beginning.

Once you have figured out the size of your product and its quantity—i.e. will you just be producing a prototype or are you looking to mass produce something for the shelves?—you can decide the kind of material you’ll need in your packaging.

There are many variables that factor into the decision, including the type of product you’ve manufactured. For example, paper board packaging is usually associated with lightweight everyday items such as cereal and vitamins. Stand up pouches can be used for most foods of the human and animal variety and do a tremendous job of keeping the food fresh. And corrugate packaging is used to house heavier items.

At Allen Field, we are eager to assist you with all your packaging design needs and to provide you an attractive and cost-effective way to display the products you sell. To learn more about Allen Field, contact us here!

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