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Less Pollution is the Best Solution

With Earth Day approaching, environmental responsibility is on our mind. Supplying plastic components presents an opportunity to make a difference. We seek to break the cycle of single-use consumables. Optimizing natural resources will require multiple initiatives, here are a few ways we are doing our part:

Plastic made from Recycled Material

A variety of Allen Field components can be made with 100% recycled material. Check out the popular Euro Pack Hook, once secured to the product this hook is dependable and keeps your display organized. Request your free samples and quote today!

Biodegradable Plastic

A wide variety of Allen Field components are made with a biodegradable additive. This enables our products to break down in compost bins and landfills. Making recycling easier optimizes the potential of recovering material, ultimately reducing pollution. Feel good about disposing of your components after they have served their useful life.

Reusable Components

Want to get the most out of the Allen Field products you use? Our handles, box clips, and many others can be used more than once, simply develop a reuse program to recapture them from consumers. Using our products in a warehouse? Our Box Flap Closure revolutionizes warehouse operations. Designed to pack, unpack, and repack a corrugated box, it eliminates the need for tape, staples, or strapping! Request your free quote and samples today!

Innovation is at the heart of Allen Field’s success. We are exploring the utilization of bio-based plastics in our products and are working with customers to make the most of the latest technology and science to deliver the best solutions.

To learn more about Allen Field’s environmental efforts and goals, check out our Environmental Responsibility Policy.


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