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Lessons Learned in Chicago at Pack Expo International 2018

The Allen Field Team just returned from Pack Expo International in Chicago, IL and the request we heard often was: “we need display components”. Store displays take many forms and Allen Field offers a wide variety of display aids. From hooks to wheels, we can meet your display needs!

Hang Tabs & Snap Hangers

You need a dependable hook to hang your merchandise on! Allen Field offers a wide range of display hooks and hangers, which hold anything from socksscarvessmall consumer electronics, home textiles, small clothing, and much more! Be sure to check out the Display-It hook or our new Slide On Header Hook. Ask our packaging experts which products can be customized with your color and logo.

Rotary Display Arms

Nothing turns away consumers like a messy display. Allen Field’s Rotary Display Arm will neatly display your products, making the shopping experience simple and clear for consumers. The original Rotary Display Arm comes in three lengths, 4, 7 and 10-inches, to ensure it fits your exact display specifications.

For displaying heavier items, we recommend the new Rotary Display Hook with Metal Rod. The rod snaps into the plastic base, the base then turns to lock onto a corrugated tray – creating a secure display unit in just a few seconds. The metal rod enables our Rotary Display system to accommodate heavier products, as well as making it easier than ever to swap out rods with different merchandise. The hook is available in 4″, 7″, and 10″ lengths.

Display Mobility

The Wheel Eze is an innovative rolling system utilizing wheels to ease the movement of heavy or awkward packs around a store, warehouse, or in transit. The integrated hook and support bracket allow the Wheel Eze to be directly installed and secured to the corrugated box via the die-cut. Once installed, the weight of the pack is evenly distributed, alleviating pressure on the bottom of the pack. Using the Wheel Eze creates a mobile display in a matter of minutes and can be used for retail displays, mattress, bed-in-box, furniture, and other large sized products.

For over 70 years, Allen Field has been helping customers hang their merchandise with innovative and functional POP display aids. Our POP accessories are made of only the highest quality plastics! Contact us today to request samples.



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