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Material Safety for the Packaging Industry

Packaging is the hallmark of a product, lending it an unmistakable and indispensable indent of its own. Ergonomics, storability and design with high recognition value are vital to the success of a product. The impact of unsafe packaging on the packaging industry is far reaching and accidents have a devastating effect on public relations, products, brands and a company’s future. Ensuring product safety is not only prudent, but also makes good business sense. In many cases it has been shown that a direct investment in material safety results in a direct improvement in efficiency and bottom line.
A lot of the work has already been done for you in the form of material safety standards. These product safety standards are designed to lay down important health and safety requirements that your packaging material must meet based on the guidelines of the packaging industry.
CPSIA – the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act provided CPSC with significant new regulatory and enforcement tool as part of amending the enhancing several CPSC Statues, including the CPSIA statues on material safety. The CPSIA statue on material safety, defines the term “children’s product” and generally requires that children’s products:
1. Comply with all applicable children’s product safety rules;
2. Be tested for material safety compliance by a CPSC-accepted accredited laboratory, unless subject to an exception;
3. Have a written Children’s Product Certificate that provides evidence of the product’s compliance; and
4. Have permanent tracking information affixed to the product and its packaging where practicable noting product safety.
We are proud to announce that Allen Field Heavy Duty Handle Series has been recently certified in Total Lead and Phthalates content in accordance with Sec.101(a) and Sec. 108 of the US CPSIA by the Toys and Children’s Products Department on behalf of STC (Shanghai) Company Limited. With this certification, our clients can be assured and confident to work with a company providing quality and material safety in packaging components that have been tested and guaranteed with local and international standards of material safety within the packaging industry. For more information, contact us today.

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