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Our Innovative Redesign on Hinge Hangers

One of the most frustrating issues with a cardboard header card was the continuous wear and tear placed on it. Between retail hinge and hook systems, along with customers rummaging through displays, cardboard hinge hangers often tear. The last place any manufacturer wants to find their product is lying on the ground just below the display case and lost in the shuffle.

Luckily, the designers at Allen Field Co. found an innovative way to trouble shoot this issue with designing plastic hinge hangers. Plastic hinge hangers are the most secure way to keep your items where they belong in a retail store, proudly displayed on a retailer’s display rack.

A plastic header card will help increase your sales and keep your inventory moving, as it will ensure that your items are not overlooked by consumers. Think about it: a consumer will most likely be looking at eye level for the products and goods needed; grab and go is the usual way for many consumers to shop. If your product is lying on the bottom shelf due to a faulty cardboard header card, that means loss of sales for your company.

We cannot stress enough the importance of sturdy packaging for your products. We know that if your product cannot be seen mounted on a display case, then it most likely will not sell. This is why Allen Field Co. designs and manufactures plastic hinge hangers that work on all packaging sizes, have plenty of space for product printing and provide superior holding power that will surely keep your product where it belongs – in plain sight! To put an end to your cardboard hinge hanger issues, browse our complete line of plastic hinge hangers, and make the switch today!

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