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Products of 2013

  • Rotary Locking Clip

Our Rotary Locking Clip is an interlock system designed for corrugated packaging, point of sale, and industrial applications. This clip is inserted into box walls from the outside of a corrugated board via a simple die cut, then turns and locks into place. The video shows how the clip works.

  • Easy Grip Handle

This handle was designed for the floral industry. It’s snap design holds and secures the handle to the flower tray to allow for swift and safe transport.

  • Tennis Sock Hanger

The Tennis Sock Hanger measures 5″ x 4.5″ with a reticular holding panel that allows the barbs to easily go through the panel and keep the displayed socks in place. The hanger can accommodate two stacks of 3-pair socks and is a must-have to increase your in-store selling.

  • Hinge Hanger The plastic Hinge Hanger replaces cardboard headers for metal hinge products. Its universal design provides a solution that is flexible to accommodate hinges in all sizes and provide superior holding power.
  • 30750 Header Slide Hook

The Header Slide Hook is great for hanging men’s and women’s socks, tights, and hosiery, among other things. It’s slim arm allows your corrugated or plastic display to easily slide in and out while keeping the package looking great.

  • One Piece Heavy Duty Display Hook

Featuring a rotary lock and long neck hook, the innovation display hook is designed for hanging products in a corrugated display tray. The part secures to heavy products and helps to save shelf space for retail stores. The hook is installed through a corrugated board and rotated until locked into position.

  • HD Combo Hanger

The Heavy Duty Combo Hanger is an innovative custom design that efficiently hangs, ships and displays multilayer packaging like a bag & box combo. We love multifunctional packaging and we love developing it.

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