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May 2024

Elevate Packaging Strength & Stability

Enhance the strength and stability of your heavy packaging with Allen Field’s Stable Stack Clips, which easily create stackable boxes by reinforcing corrugated walls with wooden support boards.

May 2024

Stable Stack Clips

Elevate Packaging Strength & Stability

Watch the video to see our clips in action.

Increase the strength and stability of your heavy and large packaging with Allen Field’s Stable Stack Clips. Designed to make heavy boxes stackable, these clips are easy to use. Simply place your product on a corrugated tray and cover it with a corrugated sleeve. Insert the Stable Stack Clips through the cut-outs on the corrugated walls, then slide wooden support boards vertically into each pair of clips from inside the box. This reinforcement stabilizes the corrugated walls, creating stackable packaging in just a few steps. Your package is now reinforced from the inside and strong enough to stack multiple layers. For telescoping box designs, use our HP601S.

Secure Grip Enhance Packaging Integrity

with Hand Hole Protectors

Allen Field’s Hand Hole Protectors are ergonomic packaging components designed to reinforce and safeguard boxes and containers, preventing tearing, deformation, and collapse during handling and transportation. Our Hand Hole Handles shield handlers from corrugated edges and prevent the surrounding material from ripping when pulled. Our Hand Hole Connecting Clips combine the functionality of a hand hole handle with a corrugated connecting clip.


EXPO PACK Mexico 2024

June 4-7, 2024 | Expo Santa Fe Mexico | Mexico City, Mexico


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