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No matter how the economy fares, private labels are here to stay!

Everyone eagerly awaits the day in which the economy begins clicking and emerging from the funk it has been for four years now. But even when (or if) that finally happens, the budget-first approach we have all been forced to take will likely remain in place. And that new-found cautiousness and frugality is good news for private label brands, according to a 2010 survey by The Nielsen Co.

Private label brands are products made independently and sold to large mass marketers (such as supermarkets and department stores), who then in turn sell the product under their own name and at a lower price than brand name products. The Nielsen survey revealed that 91 percent of shoppers will continue buying private label brands even if the economy improves.

The continued emphasis on private label brands is also good news for Allen Field, which specializes in designing packaging components with logos such as heavy duty handles and elliptical handles that come in a variety of sizes.

Allen Field is eager to assist manufactures and stores of all sizes with their packaging design needs and to provide an attractive and cost-effective way to display products that are for sale. To learn more about Allen Field, contact us here!

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