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Allen Field makes carrying a package easy!

At Allen Field, we follow a simple adage: The easier something is to carry, the more likely a customer is to purchase it. With that in mind, we take pride in producing handles that appeal to the two vital senses of packaging design—sight and touch.

Even as it sits on a shelf or as it stands alone on the floor, a package must look as if it is easy to pick up. With only scant seconds to make a first—and lasting—impression, it is imperative that the customer feel comfortable picking it up and with the idea of carrying it out of the store. Our variety of plastic box handles are all appealing to the eye and sturdy enough to allow the product to be carried out of the store.

Don’t wait any longer to find out how Allen Field can enhance your product and improve your sales! We are eager to assist you with all your packaging design needs and to provide you an attractive and cost-effective way to display the products you sell. To learn more about Allen Field, contact us here!

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