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Not Just a Packaging Handle

The Allen Field Heavy Duty Handle Series has set the bar for the plastic handle industry due to its reliability and simplicity. A handle in this series can often be spotted on many retail packages, but it has many more creative and out of the box applications. A few years ago, a university reached out to us for a solution that would improve their library depository space. A library is more than a place that loans books, it’s an open resource center for people, providing reference materials, multi-media selections, and activity rooms. The university was quickly running out of space, to solve this challenge, Allen Field proposed a solution that would optimize space utilization in a cost-effective way.

Considering the volumes that the library was trying to manage, ordinary storage shelves would not provide the optimal space. Allen Field teamed up with the university’s management to add heavy duty plastic handles to boxes of categorized books and materials; storing them on high-density mobile shelving units. With no inch of space wasted, the facility was transformed into a state-of-the-art book depository. Not only did this solution give the library more space, but it also gave the depository staff easier access to organize, pull out, and return physical resources; making future transfer and transportation easier than ever.

Following the success of this project, Allen Field’s sales team visited many other universities, schools, and public libraries, to introduce our innovative heavy duty handle solution. So far we have helped Princeton University, Indiana University, Northwestern University, Kansas Stated University, to name a few, upgrade their depository systems with minimal costs.

Sometimes, the solution entails using an existing product in a new way. Allen Field’s product experts see the whole picture and can easily uncover the root of frustration by bringing extensive experience to the table. We are continuously discovering new usages for popular products through successful test cases and are eager to discuss and embark on your packaging and display challenges. Free consultations are one call away. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have anything in mind!

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