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November 2022

New Snap On Bottle Neck Handles

Recently, we created a bottle neck handle for plastic beverage bottles that deliver reliable carrying capacity while providing comfort for consumers.


Snap On Bottle Handle

Allen Field designs and manufactures plastic components that optimize value, such as improving cost-effectiveness and efficiency, and simply brilliant solutions for corrugated packaging and more.
Recently, we created a bottle neck handle for plastic beverage bottles. Designed to fit the 48mm bottle neck, this handle delivers reliable carrying capacity while providing comfort to consumers when they carry the bottles out of the store and pour liquid out of the bottles. This product will also be available in a smaller size and in custom colors upon request.

Coming Soon

35P90 Side Mount Snap Handle

A snap handle and handhole reinforcer in one? Yes! This new product serves as a side mount handle, which also provides protection and carrying comfort from the rough corrugated edges while maintaining the integrity of the corrugated box. It accommodates board thicknesses up to .310″. See more of our side mount handles at the link below.

Case Hardware: The 8050 Corner

Protect your case corners or decorate your products with the 8050 metal corner! Whether it’s a flight case, wood furniture, or test equipment, Allen Field’s metal hardware can preserve it in timeless style. To place your order, call 800.535.0810.

Get Allen Field Products From

Does your project require authentic Allen Field products in a lower MOQ? carries a large selection of Allen Field plastic handles and box connecting clips, and delivers at a lower quantity to both the U.S. and Canada!

Case Studies

Packaging components are not one-size-fits-all. Discover how we have helped package designers like you create the perfect components to overcome their packaging challenges! 


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