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The Allen Field Exhibit During The Pack Expo 2014

Allen Field Company proudly presented its latest packaging innovations at the Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago, November 2-5. Andrew Franzone, the president of the company, and Robert Ahearn, the national sales manager, enjoyed meeting with customers and new friends who stopped by their booth. Both Andrew and Robert are well-known for their innovation in the packaging industry. Robert and Andrew have pioneered many of packaging design over the years, but this packaging expo reveals these two innovators are once again, leading the way.

During the Allen Field exhibit, one of the hottest items unleashed is the Box Clip – a carton closing fastener became the “Product of the Show.” The clips are designed to pack, unpack, and repack the corrugated boxes. The box clips eliminate the usage of tape and strapping that causes damage to boxes during repackaging. “Genius,” did you say? Those attending the packaging expo would agree to that. This innovative packaging component does not stop there, though. With the box clips, you are able to create reusable corrugated packaging while saving time reopening and repacking it.

Allen Field also displayed the New Micro Hang-Eze, Fotl Slide Header Hook, Swivel Hang Tab, Rotary Display hook, and Rotary Locking Clip among all other popular products. To learn more about the Company’s cutting-edge projects, please visit our website today.

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