Product Solution

Case Handles & Hardware

We offer handles to fit virtually any requirement for your products, including specialty capabilities to customize the items to perfectly meet your needs. Our unmatched variety of case handles and hardware are designed meticulously to improve ergonomics in carrying your products. In addition, we provide flexibility in special colors, finishes, lengths, and hardware combinations. The

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Woodworking Specialties

Allen Field’s woodworking specialties include shelf supports and shelf pins, plastic protective components, and drawer hardware for home and office furniture.  These innovative parts are essential to the woodworking industry in manufacturing and during shipping. They can keep your shelving units and drawers in place and prevent structural and cosmetic damage to the wooden material. 

Packaging Components

Allen Field aims to deliver components that add value to your packaging. We accomplish this goal by offering a wide variety of high-quality proprietary components that provide simply brilliant solutions. On top of other benefits, these solutions help to enhance packaging to be more accessible, manageable, and ergonomic.

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