Product Types

Drawer Hardware

Having the right drawer hardware is an essential ingredient in any piece of home or office furniture. At Allen Field, we offer the best and most durable furniture drawer hardware on the market; including metal drawer brackets and bumpers, inner wheels and rollers, as well as drawer hardware pulls. Allen Field carries all types of

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Corner Blocks & Protectors

Corner blocks and shipping corner protectors keep wooden edges intact during manufacturing and shipping. Wood corner protectors are great for protecting cabinets, desks, shelving units, and other wooden furniture from damage. Browse below and choose from our selection of corner blocks, cabinet bumpers, and edge protectors.

Shelf Supports

Accommodating all shelf sizes, Allen Field has the right plastic shelf supports and plastic shelf clips to keep your shelves secure during construction, shipping, and everyday use. Our corner blocks and shipping corner protectors keep wooden edges safe during manufacturing and shipping. They are an indispensable accessory in protecting your cabinets, desks, shelving units, and

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POP Display Aids

POP display aids provide innovative solutions to hang and display merchandise in retail stores. We offer an extensive assortment of display components in various styles, sizes, and custom options.

Plastic Hangers

No matter if you’re hanging hosiery or heavy electronic merchandise, we have an assortment of plastic hangers available to help you increase visibility, usability, organization and brand recognition. Each of our hanger designs are made from 100% recycled materials, We can also help protect your products with built-in security devices.

Box Connecting Clips

We carry the largest selection of box connecting clips for corrugated boxes in the packaging industry. These clips help make your shipping and packing more streamlined and may be used to connect multiple corrugated walls, attach covers to bottom trays, act as a skid joint, and provide handholds for carrying. Our box connecting clips make

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Plastic Handles

We are the global industry leader in offering a variety of standard and specialty handles. Our plastic handles can increase product mobility and improve the ease of use while also keeping the product secure. Ask us about custom handles that create a cohesive package design! Choose a handle from a large selection of styles and capacities

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