Push Fit Fastener

The Push Fit is a versatile 2-piece plastic fastener created by Allen Field. Whether you need to hold a product on a retail header card, secure inner protective packaging, or quick store display assembly, the Push Fit fastener can provide the aggressive connection your project desires. Unlike other ratchet down fasteners, the Push Fit can

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4262 Catch

Finish your chest or trunk with these non-locking catches. The 4262 catch features a formed lug and works as well as our 4222 catch, with interchangeable hole dimensions. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Category: Locks & Catches Size: 2.50”(L) x 1.27”(W) Material: Steel ORDERING INFORMATION 4262 – Nickel Plated Brass plated also available upon request.

4404 5/8 Drawbolt w/ 1/8 Top

This automatic opening drawbolt has hidden talent! The 4404 5/8 drawbolt has one hole and projections that bite into the material to prevent turning. The flat 4404 1/8 top has two hidden holes. This smart combination allows easy opening with just one finger and is perfect for use on any boxes with a plastic or

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850 1/8 Hinge

Our 850 1/8 small metal hinge is strong and functions flawlessly. Whether you are building a jewelry case, cabinet, or showcase door, this hinge can provide reliable security and timeless style. Shop high-quality hinges for sale at Allen Field today! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Category: Hinges Size: 2.02”(L) x 1.13”(W) Material: Steel ORDERING INFORMATION 850-1/8-BP – Brass

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99110 Corner Guard

Like the 110A, this new corner guard keeps the wooden edge intact in manufacturing and during shipping. Made of strong HDPE, this product is great for wooden products such as cabinetry, desks, and shelving units. Choose the right woodworking protectors for your products. Order from us now! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Item Name: 110 Corner Guard Material:

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Double Slide On Header Hook

Get samples of this brand new display hook! Like the original Slide On Header Hook, the Double Slide On Header Hook slides onto a header card and snaps into the die-cut slots, creating a secure display-ready product in just seconds. The tab chamfers ensure the assembly is quick and reliable. The enlarged hook atop can

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74 Catch

Square Latch for Case – With a flush-fit design, the 74 is a minimum height catch. It keeps a box closed with non-lock latching and is perfect for a limited mounting surface. If you are looking to lock with key, check out the 71 square lock. Order this non-locking latch today! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Category: Catches

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71 Lock

With a flush-fit design, the 71 is a minimum height square latch lock. It keeps a box secure with a key and is perfect for smaller mounting areas. If you are looking to latch with no lock, check out the 74 Catch. Shop a wide selection of square latches for sale here at Allen Field.

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44333 Drawbolt

The 44333 is a sturdy drawbolt closure latch for fastening trunks and cases. This draw latch lock features a crimped wire loop and three rivet holes in the bottom piece. Available in various touches and finishes with plating, as well as no hole configuration for spot welding. Use this surface-mount hardware to secure your product

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435-1 Drawbolt

Drawbolt Closure Latch – The 435-1 Drawbolt is a surface-mount latch for many types of cases. It includes two halves. The bottom half features a link and a padlock for added security. Whether you use it on a toolbox, flight case, or utility container, the 435-1 locking draw latch will provide a reliable draw action

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9007 Flat Clamp

Metal clamps, also known as “campaign hardware”, serve both to beautify and protect the corners of portable furniture. The 9007 Flat Clamp features a .14″ corner radius and two flat legs with rounded ends. With nickel or brass plating, these flat metal clamps can decorate your product with the luster while supporting the vulnerable case

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9007-1/2 Curved Clamp

Metal clamps, also known as “campaign hardware”, serve both to beautify and protect the portable furniture. Our 9007-1/2 is a curved metal corner clamp with a .19″ corner radius. Featuring two rounded legs with screw holes, this clamp is easy to mount. Use these to secure the vulnerable corners and add a soft glow to

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