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Sweet Dreams are Made of This…Wheels

The furniture and home décor industries have undergone a seismic shift in the past few years as online retailers and direct-to-consumer brands grow at record paces. In particular, mattress companies are seeing substantial growth when it comes to their “bed in a box” products. There are now more than 175 bed-in-a-box brands and they are all looking to smart packaging to set their product apart. For a large product like a mattress, a critical packaging challenge is ease and convenience. Bed in a box is delivered direct to the consumer, with an average weight between 50 and 150 lbs. This means consumers must navigate a heavy and awkward sized box up stairways, through rooms, and all the way to their desired location. This demands easy and simple mobility. 

The designers here at Allen Field built a solution to deliver reliable mobility that works with a wide range of carton dimensions and weights. By utilizing both our innovative rolling system and open handhole handles, it is easier than ever to maneuver a bed-in-a-box product. The Wheel Eze system, comprised of a base and wheel, enables the movement of heavy and irregular shaped containers. A set of two wheels accommodates up to 100 lbs. Ofweight. Check out this video to see just how easy the wheels are installed to mobilize your product! The Open Handhole Handles are designed to support the handholes of a corrugated box and protect the carrier’s hands from any sharp and uncomfortable edges of the cardboard during transportation. A full line of handhole protectors is available to accommodate various cardboard thicknesses.  

Sometimes, the consumers first interaction with their bed-in-a-box is when it is delivered to their door. Make this initial interaction simple and convenient. Allen Field’s packaging solutions make mattress packaging easy to move and comfortable to maneuver into position. Ultimately, bring an unparalleled delivery experience that sets your brand apart from the competition. To learn more about Allen Field’s packaging products for the furniture and homedécor industries, speak with a specialist today by calling 800-535-0810 or emailing 


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