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The C9 Hook Hanger solves various display issues!

One of the most frustrating things a retailer can experience is seeing a product he has been trying to sell for weeks laying on the floor. It’s impossible to move stock when it’s not on the racks. Fortunately, Allen Field just added the C9 Hook Hanger to our product line in hopes of helping retailers keep products displayed—and allowing consumers to find these products!

The C9 Hook Hanger is perfect for hanging T-shirts, undergarments and various other accessories and apparel. Unlike the usual display hangers you see at stores, the C9 Hook Hanger has a large extended hook that allows it to fit onto the oblong display rods that are typically found at retail outlets. The double snaps on the C9 Hook Hanger allow it to hold more weight and distribute that weight evenly.

The neatest thing about the C9 Hook Hanger: The idea came from one of our customers! We realized that others could use this product as well and turned it into something from which everyone can benefit.

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