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The five senses are key to packaging

When it comes to packaging items, most people figure the only thing that matters is how the package looks. After all, what else could inspire anyone to buy something other than its appearance? Turns out all five senses should be stimulated by packaging, according to a recent article in Packaging World. Read on for how effective use of the five senses can enhance the appearance of your package!

—Sight: Obviously, a well-built and graphically enhancing package is necessary to elicit attention in a retail world that is more full of visual stimulation than ever.

—Touch: A smooth surface always helps, as does a package that can be easily carried.

—Smell: Not all products will have a recognizable smell, and of course most won’t have “scratch and sniff” capabilities, but there’s a certain freshness to new packaging that appeals to consumers.

—Taste: Again, it’s not likely anyone is going to sink his or her teeth into your product! But beverage and food items, as well as scented bath items such as shampoo, can give off a tantalizing aroma that will entice people to make the purchase.

—Sound: This may not (ahem) sound like something to consider in packaging, but people can learn a lot about the quality of the product they’re buying by hearing what it sounds like—either in the package or as it is opened. For instance, a rattling sound when a box of plates is shook might indicate something is broken inside. Or the familiar sound of carbonation being released when a can of soda is opened is proof the drink is fresh.

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