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Add a Splash of Color to your Summer

Summer is filled with fun in the sun, why not order your Allen Field product’s in an eye-catching color! Custom color products unify the display of your product by tying together your product, logo, and package design. A distinctive packaging component can be the simplest way to create a display that captures customers’ attention without overcrowding the senses.

Our Euro Pack Hook is ideal for color customization. This reliable and easy to install component keeps your display neat and professional. This item is a customer-favorite and can even be imprinted with a brand’s logo.

Feeling creative? Our Elliptical Handle Series is no stranger to color customization. Combine the Elliptical’s modern look with a distinctive color to add value to your branding in the retail environment.

With over 30 years of custom design experience, we believe that packaging design is a stylized form of functionalism. Function focuses on hanging, carrying, and presenting the product, while style creates the desire for the product within, delivers on the brand promise, and enhances the user-experience at every interaction. If you’re interested in customizing a particular item, simply call or email us with your PMS shade to begin the process. And don’t forget to spec in your logo and essential production information on your Allen Field component. Click here to learn more about Allen Field’s custom design service.

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