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April / May 2023 Special Edition

Allen Field Introduces Ergonomic, Eco-Friendly EnviroHandles

Allen Field's new line of elegant, ergonomic EnviroHandles provide a Simply Brilliant solution for packaging designers while also being biodegradable and helpful to the environment.

Special Edition

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Package Handles

Eco-Friendly, Ergonomic, Economic, and Elegant

EnviroHandles provide an excellent choice for packaging designers that require single stream recyclability. They are made from natural fiber and cotton, combined with kraft paper. Here’s why you should consider our EnviroHandles to complete your packaging design and achieve your sustainability goals:

  • No need to separate the handle from the box for recycling or re-pulping.
  • Biodegradable, recycled natural materials reduce waste and help the environment.
  • Full range of carrying capacities.
  • Profile minimally affects package thickness, allowing for easy storage and palletizing.
  • Customizable with options in color, size, logo, and layering method.
  • Cost-effective and easy to install, saving time and money in assembly and throughout the product life cycle.
  • Soft and comfortable grip on packaging while keeping the refined appearance of the box.

Making a Difference

EnviroHandles deliver unbeatable advantages to packaging designers looking for all-natural and earth-friendly carrying components. They are ideal for a range of industries, including food and beverage, e-commerce, and retail. EnviorHandles have been used for bag-in-box, detergent and pet litter boxes, reusable shopping bags, shipping boxes, takeout containers, and more. By choosing Allen Field and our EnviroHandles, you’ll enjoy a winning combination that’s great for your brand, your buyers’ experience, and the planet!

Machine Automation Available

Are you in need of high-volume application of EnviorHandles? We’ve got you covered! We offer machine automation opportunities with our high-capacity and compact machines that can apply up to 11,000 units per hour with accuracy and consistency. Contact us today to learn how we can help you scale up your production capabilities. 

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