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May 2023

Fasten Multiple Layers of Corrugated Panels with Allen Field's Corra-Screws

Corra-Screws from Allen Field are able to secure multiple layers of corrugated packaging without the use of staples or glue. Corra-Screws ensure a quick and easy installation while reliability maintaining the integrity of your packaging.

  • Secure boxes, trays, and sleeves without the need for glue or staples.
  • Ensure damage-free packaging and preserves packaging integrity.
  • Hassle-free installation and removal.
  • Ideal for securing transit packaging and reusable or returnable goods.

Allen Field presents Corra-Screws, the innovative plastic packaging component designed to securely fasten multiple layers of corrugated panels. Check out the video to witness the transformative power of this brilliant product that enhances your packaging experience. 

In the Spotlight

Oval Handhole Clip
  Embrace Effortless Assembly 

Introducing the game-changing PP910 Handhole clip! This new handle is designed to be installed from the outside of your box, providing reinforced handholes for secure and comfortable grips while preserving the integrity of your packaging. Additionally, this clip is easy to open and remove, saving you time and effort during your assembly process. With its capacity to accommodate boards up to .31″ thick, the PP910 proves to be an excellent choice for various box designs and packaging applications. Upgrade your packaging experience today!

Save the Dates

EXPO PACK Guadalajara
June 13-15, 2023
Guadalajara, Jalisco
Connect with the top packaging and processing suppliers and manufacturers, and explore the cutting-edge innovations that will propel your company forward. Discover the eco-friendly packaging solutions that not only minimize waste but also offer practicality, durability, and functionality. Elevate your businesses at EXPO PACK Guadalajara, and we eagerly await your visit at booth #2836!

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