Ensure the safety of your packages with the DClip-10 Bag Closure!

Box Connecting Clips, Custom Design + Manufacturing, Packaging Up-to-Date

While air travel and the thriving nature of companies such as FedEx and UPS have turned seemingly impossible shipping tasks into the perfectly routine, shipping itself is more challenging than ever. The frequency and rapidity with which packages are handled results in packages arriving damaged or unusable, which in turn impacts a company’s bottom line

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Washer plates are a convenient way to support your packaging!

Custom Design + Manufacturing, Packaging Up-to-Date, Plastic Handles

Looking for extra support for the handle to your product? You’ve got it in washer plates! Washer plates increase the amount of corrugated holding power while also preventing tearing around die-cuts. They are particularly handy solutions for heavier boxes and products, because while the washer plate does not increase the handle’s weight capacity, it improves the

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