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National Packaging Design Day

The packaging industry revolutionized the way we purchase products. In fact, packaging design can persuade a buyer from one brand to another. Due to packing designs important role in retail, it is no wonder why we recognize it through National Packaging Design Day.

Founded by Design Packaging, this special day in the packaging industry was proclaimed by the Registrar of National Day Calendar on April 22nd.  This national day allows for all of us in both the retail and packaging industry, to reflect on how important packaging design truly is to not only manufacturers, but also consumers.

National Packaging Design Day is celebrated annually on May 7th.  It is a day to celebrate the art of packaging design as well as design professionals.  The global packaging design community and those appreciative of beautiful, innovative packaging through sharing inspiring designs, share ideas, historical facts, information and awareness to the artisanship behind the package.

Living in the golden age of the packaging industry, packaging design is now far more than a means to protect a product or display a brand name; it is the physical representation of a brand to the consumer.  Packaging design is powerful, because it is not so much what is on the shelf that matters, but the opening process as well.  Packaging design consists of layers and textures, which builds anticipation for the consumer, moments before seeing the product.  People may not think of the packaging designers when purchasing a product or opening a gift, but they exist; the unsung heroes behind every retail item on the shelf.

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