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How to Making Your POP displays more Effective

POP displays are a dedicated form of promotional packaging design. Typically found near a checkout counter, POP displays are a good way to inspire people to buy a new product or highlight an existing product that needs refreshing. Whether you are using them in your own business or building a packaging design display for one of your customers, here are some ideas from the packaging industry to create an effective POP display.

Tip 1: Send a Clear Message – Focus your packaging design efforts on your product message. Make sure your POP display and packaging design expresses your product message. An effective POP display. Keep the message of this new product simple and concise.

Tip 2: Stay in View – Make the most interesting feature of your product eye level. The most important points in your packaging design should always remain at eye level or in clear view for customers to easily read. Remember, you want the product to be easy to read and found to gain exposure to consumers.

Tip 3: Stay Unique -Your packaging design for your POP display should be personal to your product. Packaging allows you to create a unique and personable POP display that is fitting for the product itself. Make sure your packaging design looks like something completely new and never seen before.

Tip 4: Location, Location, Location – Consider where the POP display would have the most impact, and then set up your display in that exact location. POP displays should be at eye level, as previously mentioned, but not in the way. Customers should be able to clearly see your display, and navigate around with ease. This way, customers who are interested can easily interact with the product further, while those who are not interested can move on without feeling frustrated or inconvenienced by the POP display.

Remember, part of excellent packaging design is to make the POP display easy to access. The products put out on POP displays will be the ones they should be able to reach. Visibility is key.

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