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Packaging in 2014-Predictions for the Packaging Industry

Now that the New Year is fully underway, we have made a few predictions for the packaging industry for the year 2014. These predictions show promising growth in a variety of areas that are essential to the packaging industry. It’s time for us to share the magic of what we see in our crystal ball for packaging in 2014!

  • Retail Ready Packaging – Advancements come to the packaging industry through Retail Ready Packaging. A variety of retailers will be able to change stocking time, loss of products due to items falling off shelves and a host of other issues simply because packaging has reached the next level in design.
  • Stay Flexible – Research shows that North America is moving away from ridged plastic packaging to more flexible packaging at a rate of 3.5% each year! Flexible plastic packaging is moving into a broad spectrum of packaged products including personal care, food, pharmaceuticals and healthcare items.
  •  Innovation at its Finest – Retailers and consumers alike are looking to the packaging industry for more than just easy opening or display functionality.  When the packaging industry describes packaging as innovative, you better mean it. Everything from freshness monitors to temperature indicators are being implemented into packaging this year.
  • Nanotechnology Materials – This year could very well be the year that we see nanomaterials surface to take the place of traditional foil or paper wrappings in the packaging industry. Although, nanomaterials were still undergoing some developmental design, it is sure to make strides with improving eco-friendly packaging.
  • Ecommerce is Booming – Because online consumer ordering relations is only growing as the years progress, the packaging industry is growing to meet the demands for more product to package ratio for shipping purposes as well as more protective packaging to ensure a damage free delivery to consumers.

Whether these packaging prediction in 2014 comes to fruition or if it takes a few more years, it is exciting to see the overall progression of the packaging industry. We invite you to visit to browse our innovative packaging line up for 2014.

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