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Integra Series: the Synthesis of Handle and Washer Plate

Washer plates compliment most plastic handles by offering additional support to the handle and protecting securing the specified weight held by the carrier. However, using a support plate with your handle can add an extra step and possibly add to assembly costs. What if a handle came with an attached support plate and required only one step to install? To deliver just this, Allen Field developed the Integra series, a molded two-in-one handle-washer plate integration.

The Integra IS handle can be quickly installed through your die-cuts on the box and then secured by sliding the handle into the attached support plate. Its wide carrying surface gives you excellent comfort and holding security for heavy packages up to 80 lbs.

The Integra IS has been well-received by the market, especially due to its quality and decreased installation time. To accommodate more customers and project requirements, we took the same design and created a small-scale version, the Integra V handle. With a 45 lb. carrying capacity, the newer handle has a compact design that is more economical than the original carrying piece, while maintaining its reliability and appeal for a wide range of applications.

At Allen Field, we believe that many packaging products should be constant improved upon, our modification to product design is aimed at reducing the cost and time of manufacturing for our customers and enabling them to invest in additional projects and designs. For custom inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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