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Behind The Scenes With Allen Field: The SLA

The old expression about fast food is you never want to know the process by which those delicious burgers and sandwiches are made. But we’ve got nothing to hide or be ashamed of at Allen Field, where we want our customers to know what goes into making our products so sturdy and reliable!

For instance: The SLA—the acronym for Stereolithography—is the process we use to make plastic molds for our customers. While sketching out a packaging design idea is invigorating for both Allen Field and our customers, it’s just the first step in the product development cycle. SLA is the most important step, and the one we’ll repeat until everyone is satisfied. We’ll continue to produce 3-D models so that customers can see their design idea come to life and tinker with the design until it is “just right.”

Knowing about the SLA process will help you make better and more informed decisions during the packaging design process! To learn more about packaging design and how Allen Field can help with your design and packaging needs, visit our website or contact us here!

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