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Packaging is Vital in Communicating Product Value

It is more important than ever that your brand effectively sets your product apart from the rest! Every product is vying for shelf-space, be it actual space in a store or virtual in e-commerce. What does your packaging say about your brand? Does your packaging communicate the value of the product on the inside? Do you accommodate the reality of supply chain logistics that are involved in getting your product into the stores and to consumers?

It is a main tenant in business to keep unit costs downs and maximize profits. But customers notice when you cut corners and it is certainly not a vote of confidence to buy a high-end luxury item (like the newest TV or computer) and it be in a box that is difficult to carry or is damaged. A premium product should look and feel exceptional!

Here at the Allen Field Company, we believe our plastic packaging components are not mere add-ons nor simply “Cost of Goods Sold”. It is worth spending time and money to ensure your product arrives to the retail location in pristine shelf-ready condition and is easy for the consumer to transport out of the store. Carefully crafted and thought out packaging takes your product to the next level. Be sure not to overlook:

  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Retail Display Environments

The best packaging not only protects the product inside, but also conveys its value. From consumer electronics to home furnishing and décor, packaging is a key opportunity to communicate value and secure market positioning.

Packaging Tips

Our packaging experts and in-house design team are ready to offer first-rate service to handle any packaging project! We offer services such as logo customization and color-matching to differentiate your package from others on the shelf while still aligning with your marketing, branding and promotional goals.

If a sample we provided doesn’t quite fit the project specs, you can simply request another version or style or explore our custom design capabilities.

We know when you hear ‘custom’, you think– how much is this going to cost me? But on the contrary, at Allen Field our custom solutions can be just as economical as buying one of our stock products. On a custom project, just as you make an investment in Allen Field’s capabilities, we make an investment in your project. Call our sales office today @800.535.0810 to learn more about our capabilities and read some of our case studies to see how we have helped our customers, in a wide array of industries, and set them apart from the competition!

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