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In-Mold Labeling is on the Rise

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In 2015 it became apparent to the packaging industry that in-mold labeling was on the rise. Those within the packaging industry conducted a study on in-mold labeling and this is what they found.  In-mold labeling is expected to grow the most rapidly of all primary-packaging label technologies through 2019, with stretch, sleeve and heat-shrink labels

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Impressive Packaging Design

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Product packaging can wow consumers in a variety of ways, from the pretty to the creative.  Packaging makes consumers want to share their experience with others, so knowing how to harness the power of packaging is a great way to market your brand to current and potential customers.

Products of 2013

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Rotary Locking Clip Our Rotary Locking Clip is an interlock system designed for corrugated packaging, point of sale, and industrial applications. This clip is inserted into box walls from the outside of a corrugated board via a simple die cut, then turns and locks into place. The video shows how the clip works.

Material Safety for the Packaging Industry

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Packaging is the hallmark of a product, lending it an unmistakable and indispensable indent of its own. Ergonomics, storability and design with high recognition value are vital to the success of a product. The impact of unsafe packaging on the packaging industry is far reaching and accidents have a devastating effect on public relations, products,

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Allen Field Company – Handle your Packaging with Experience!

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Allen Field has been a leader in the Packaging Industry for over 60 years. Our original line of plastic sock hangers and small plastic retail hangers quickly transitioned into a full line of POP display aids and plastic handles for corrugated boxes. As time went on, our success with plastic box handles, small plastic hangers,

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Check out the selection of handles at Allen Field!

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We have no shortage of handles from which to choose from at Allen Field. As a company that specializes in—no pun intended—handling unique packaging design requests, though, one of our most popular lines is our series of speciality handles. From bucket handles and box handles to self-adhesive handles and plastic bucket handles, we have what

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